Flamenco de Ley

The Show “FLAMENCO DE LEY” want to honour memories of the past.

Flamenco De Ley is a living legend, which clamour in this show the memories, the life, the feelings and persecution of a People, a unique form of being flamenco: The eternal “Gypsiness”, through the artistic dialect of each of its components of the show. Its own rebellion, without words… stripped of arguments. The improvisation is the artistic language of the company KELIPÉ. Without leaving behind the technique and evoking the Festive “songs”, like the Buleria Jerezana with all of its essence, or, the gipsy lament of the SOLEA and the shouts calling by the Singing and Dancing. The show is chameleonic, transforms and changes on the stage while it advances. This multiform, variety of possibilities and executing the different flamenco styles is what makes KELIPÉ UNIQUE. The public which all of this is directed to is every lover of flamenco, familiar or not familiar with this Art form, that wants to feel close to what it is to be and feel Gipsy Flamenco. The “air, the sun and salt” in the gipsy dance and singing of Susana “LA YEDRA”, the racial voice of Antonio “EL TARANTO” and the pure and “ancient” sound of “AZUKITA”, will show us “The most Flamenco side of Flamenco”, in a show where the heart has “reason” that the “reason” does not realize.

"Flamenco Trilogy"

Three approaches, Three different staging.

KELIPÉ “FLAMENCO DE LEY”, as a cultural institution, offer in this new season, to “rescue”, through different artistic languages, three proposals, where we invite to a reflection, through time, of the emotions and the conscience, leaving a footprint. An unforgettable travel in the heart of Malaga.

Tribute Cycle - GREAT FIGURES

Flamenco/Century XIX – XX

Magdalena Seda Loreto, niece of "La Chorra"

“La Malena”

Isabel Ramos Moreno "Isabelita de Jerez"

“Isabelita de Jerez”

A travel to the deepness of Primitive Flamenco, a show that protagonize the essence of Flamenco as a cultural source, far away from the “commercial”. A search for the actual origins of Gipsy Flamenco.

Each Sunday we want from KELIPÉ, through our Flamenco Show, to pay a tribute for the gran Flamenco Figures of the XIX – XX Century in the world of Singing, Dancing and the Guitar. The majority of them were forgotten in time, even though their immense donation for this art, because of their character and such passionate and personal expression. A tribute that began with the gran dancer “La Malena” that finished her days selling candies, as the famous lyric says. Thanks to the gran popularity that this project earned in such short time, we want to keep remembering those Pillars of Flamenco.

“Camelamos Nakerar”​

Making complex simple

"La gitana dormida" oil on canvas

With a Theatrical and Flamenco language, united, in order to give a form of a dynamic show, with the highlight of “simplicity” inside its “complexity”.

“CAMELAMOS NAKERAR”, surge as a fruit of restlessness, and, special a sensibility to a theme of gran social impact, in the history of “the Gipsy People” in Spain. Susana Manzano, on dancing, José “De La Nana”, together with “El Taranto”, on singing, and, the Flamenco Guitar of “Azukita”, are introduced in this work, in the most deep places of Flamenco, brings life to “CAMELAMOS NAKERAR”.

KELIPÉ “Exclusive”​

Kelipé flamenco show
"La Yiedra" - gypsy flamenco

Always “sticked”, to the authenticity, with a profound desire of protect, and, support the richness of this Art, taking this ambition, preserving its patrimony, through “time”…

We invite, everyone which is getting near, to discover an art of living, and sharing it in a unique form. THE IMMEMORIAL FLAMENCO. Its history, its environment and culture, as the heart and spirit of KELIPÉ. A FLAMENCO NIGHT, “UNIQUE”

  • Reduced number of Seats
  • Personalized Attention
  • Intimate setting and environment

We offer our clients, unique 90 minutes, of KELIPÉ “EXCLUSIVE”, accompanied of Gourmet moments, where “Wine & Cheese” form a gastronomic couple, and, an exquisite combination enhancing each other, with its aroma and flavour. Gift “KELIPÉ Exclusive”

Artistic Cast

The cast of KELIPÉ is experienced, passionate, with technical and interpretative quality, in an intimate and unique show.

"La Yedra" granddaughter of "La Chata"

Susana Manzano “La Yedra”


An elegant dancer, inspiring, powerful in her technique and with a wide knowledge of pure flamenco. Born in Jerez de la Frontera in the atmosphere of a gipsy family, inheritor of the “duende” from her grandmother “La Chata”. Susana “La Yedra” is characterized by her authenticity, refined technique and velocity in her feet, difficult to match with…”gipsiness, race and mastery”. In the singing of “La Yedra”, experts agreed on her to have clear characteristics of “blues”, very emotional, sweet, but in the same time “gipsy”, of a great interpretive capacity and unparalleled intensity. Susana A. Manzano, manage the international production of shows directed to different circuits with different formats: THEATRES, FESTIVALS and PRIVATE EVENTS.

"El Taranto" -Kelipé

Antonio Rodríguez Cortés "El Taranto"


Born in Malaga, Gipsy of “Law”, of very flamenco roots. Inherited from his family “Los Isidros” the purity, keeping his gipsy traditions in all of its essence until today, translating it in his singing. A “cante” which is genuinely racial, visceral, rounded and sharpend. A Crack in his voice that breaks the listener, cane honey and very flamenco, casted by his voice, with unique qualities to interprate any flamenco palo (style).

Azukita - flamenco guitarist

A. Zuker “Azukita”


Flamenco Guitarist, of great interpretive sensibility. By his guitar and through his compositions brings to life, in the ear of the listener, feelings that lead him to evoke “those moments” of LIFE itself. Qualified in the Classical Guitar by Maestro Yehuda Schryer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Stands out in his “playing” great artistic beauty, of great purity and the development, pursuit and evolution of his Personal Style. Amit Zuker “AZUKITA”, is the composer of his themes, as a ”soloist” reaches to the public by his gran sensibility, and knowledge of the Flamenco “Roots”, apart of composing, ”AZUKITA” also accompany with mastery “Dancing” and “Singing”, with big talents on both disciplines.

Ratings on TripAdvisor

Very good show
Amazing Show, place is very cozy and people are friendly. When they talked they always translated in English which was nice. One of the things to do while in Malaga.
Words cannot express how much my friend and I enjoyed this experience. This is not your commercialised flamenco experience but an amazing presentation of dance and song which is intense - it takes your breath away. The emotion portrayed by the singers and by Suzanne the dancer was nothing like I have seen before in any performance. It is fantastic - I loved Malaga and will return and this will be on my list of things to do again.
Best Flamenco in Málaga without a doubt!
My friend and I had researched different flamenco shows in Málaga, and Kelipe was one of the few that displayed authenticity and was a SUPER good price. The main singer was phenomenal, and the price of $25.00 included two drinks. It was so fun and very impressive, being that it was my first time experiencing this. The waiter who took care of everyone was amazing as well. He was very patient with all the different situations and personalities in the room. Really spectacular. If I returned I would take my family along with me!
Flamenco in Malaga
This was a nice surprise. The showroom was packed, the show was filled with emotion and excellent flamenco was performed. The glass of red wine was also nice.
Fabulously authentic
We hadn’t pre booked tickets but had no problem getting in and were even given a choice of seats. Had seen Kelipe performance about four years ago and wanted friends to see the show. We all had a great evening and the entire performance was mesmerising. The guitar playing , singing and flamenco was exceptional . Lovely that some of the chat was translated into English too. We paid €25 and this included two drinks each .....a bargain on any city break ! A must visit while in Malaga!
Amazing original experience
We had no experience with flamenco, but was interested in experience this old, cultural heritage. It is a small room, with all the focus on the stage. There's a reason for that. This is a very dedicated, talented group of people, who has orchestred an event together, filled with passion and joy. The show is apr 2 hours and they give it all, even though the room was not fully booked. We soon learned that the rhythms in flamenco is extremely hard to do right, and yet they did it so naturally. Without real teamwork, sense of timing, rhythm, 1000s of hours of practise, and sincere joy over others succes, flamenco was not possible. Age and life experience is only a plus. A great experience that we would recommend.
The highlight of my stay in Malaga!
A lover of dance, I was greatly looking forward to seeing flamenco in Malaga. The Kelipe performance (only once per week) blew me away with its authenticity, quality, and passion. The venue holds only about 40 people, so it is very intimate; and we had seats right at center stage. The reasonable price even included a couple of drinks. All 3 performers: the guitarist, the singer, and the dancer were outstanding. Truly a don't-miss experience!

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Flamenco Shows

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Doors open: 19:30h. Show starts: 20:00h to 21:30h.


Adult: 30€
13 to 18 years old: 25€
4 to 12 years old: 15€
Until 3 years old: Free*

Ticket Prices at the door (All prices including taxes). Drink: Wine (Rose, Dulce, white or red), Sangria Soda, water or beer. *Drink not included.

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