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The mark that define our Centre is the technique of improvisation. Complicated and always risky, but natural and spontaneous.

In the summer of 2002, the Legend of KELIPÉ is born, when, in the most “pure” and “authentic” neighbourhood of Málaga “La Cruz Verde”, open its doors to what was determined to be the first Centre of Flamenco Arts.

Soon, the interest of the public woke up, at first as an academy (Dance, Guitar, Percussion), and later, a place of what would be a living legend, a new age for FLAMENCO in Málaga.

Susana “La Yedra” (Dancer/Singer) started this adventure, creating a place of meeting for demanding fans of this Arts.

The success of KELIPÉ was, to a large degree, consequence of fidelity and conviction for transmitting FLAMENCO from its essence, the simplicity, naturality, authenticity, … a heritage of, “The Time”.

Through KELIPÉ big artists have passed, leaving a gran legacy and a footprint in the life of this Symbol of Flamenco, a legendary universe in Málaga,

KELIPÉ, The Arts of Living Flamenco.

After 16 years of history, experiences, and anecdotes, KELIPÉ, “imposes” , as one of the corners of “duende”, most famous and mythical thanks to its historic heritage, invaluable.

KELIPÉ, is the sign of Flamenco in this city, making the difference.

Flamenco de Ley

The Show “FLAMENCO DE LEY” want to honour memories of the past.

Flamenco De Ley is a living legend, which clamour in this show the memories, the life, the feelings and persecution of a People, a unique form of being flamenco: The eternal “Gypsiness”, through the artistic dialect of each of its components of the show.

Its own rebellion, without words… stripped of arguments. The improvisation is the artistic language of the company KELIPÉ. Without leaving behind the technique and evoking the Festive “songs”, like the Buleria Jerezana with all of its essence, or, the gipsy lament of the SOLEA and the shouts calling by the Singing and Dancing. The show is chameleonic, transforms and changes on the stage while it advances.

This multiform, variety of possibilities and executing the different flamenco styles is what makes KELIPÉ UNIQUE. The public which all of this is directed to is every lover of flamenco, familiar or not familiar with this Art form, that wants to feel close to what it is to be and feel Gipsy Flamenco.

The “air, the sun and salt” in the gipsy dance and singing of Susana “LA YEDRA”, the racial voice of Antonio “EL TARANTO” and the pure and “ancient” sound of “AZUKITA”, will show us “The most Flamenco side of Flamenco”, in a show where the heart has “reason” that the “reason” does not realize.

Artistic Cast

The cast of KELIPÉ is experienced, passionate, with technical and interpretative quality, in an intimate and unique show.

Susana Manzano “La Yedra”


An elegant dancer, inspiring, powerful in her technique and with a wide knowledge of pure flamenco. Born in Jerez de la Frontera in the atmosphere of a gipsy family, inheritor of the “duende” from her grandmother “La Chata”.

Susana “La Yedra” is characterized by her authenticity, refined technique and velocity in her feet, difficult to match with…”gipsiness, race and mastery”.

In the singing of “La Yedra”, experts agreed on her to have clear characteristics of “blues”, very emotional, sweet, but in the same time “gipsy”, of a great interpretive capacity and unparalleled intensity.

Susana A. Manzano, manage the international production of shows directed to different circuits with different formats: THEATRES, FESTIVALS and PRIVATE EVENTS.

Antonio Rodríguez Cortés "El Taranto"


Born in Malaga, Gipsy of “Law”, of very flamenco roots. Inherited from his family “Los Isidros” the purity, keeping his gipsy traditions in all of its essence until today, translating it in his singing.

A “cante” which is genuinely racial, visceral, rounded and sharpend. A Crack in his voice that breaks the listener, cane honey and very flamenco, casted by his voice, with unique qualities to interprate any flamenco palo (style).

Azukita - Kelipé

A. Zuker “Azukita”


Flamenco Guitarist, of great interpretive sensibility. By his guitar and through his compositions brings to life, in the ear of the listener, feelings that lead him to evoke “those moments” of LIFE itself.

Qualified in the Classical Guitar by Maestro Yehuda Schryer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Stands out in his “playing” great artistic beauty, of great purity and the development, pursuit and evolution of his Personal Style.

Amit Zuker “AZUKITA”, is the composer of his themes, as a ”soloist” reaches to the public by his gran sensibility, and knowledge of the Flamenco “Roots”, apart of composing, ”AZUKITA” also accompany with mastery “Dancing” and “Singing”, with big talents on both disciplines.

The School

Essentially, we transmit to our students by a practical mode and getting close to the culture and history that defines the gipsy people, through theoretic and practical workshops explaining how in our ethnicity we pass flamenco from father to son, and how the flamenco was never able to separate from the gipsies nor the gipsies from flamenco.

The Compas (rhythm), is fundamental in the moment of executing with precision: dance, singing, guitar and their corresponded techniques.

In our classes and Work Shops (national or international), we emphasis the necessity and knowledge of this vital tool in order to translating it into “pellizco, duende and peso”.

From there we go on to the fundamental TECHNIQUE in dance (body, feet, hands) and the intention in the movement of each and every one of them, or the feeling that each expresses, in order to later bring it to practice.

The Choreography brings “staging” in it, which is evaluated and developed in the workshops.

When the workshops are of guitar or percussion, the same method is modified and applied.

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Flamenco Shows

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Doors open: 20:30h. Show starts: 21:00h to 22:30h.


From 18 and on: 25€* show + 1 drink***


Until 11 years old: 10€* entrance || Between 12-18 years old/ students: 18€* show + 1 drink**

* Ticket Prices at the door (All prices including taxes)*

** Drink: Wine (Rose, Dulce, white or red), Sangria Soda, water or beer.

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