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Dear Clients/ Friends! We have the pleasure of communicating our back to activity, strengthening all the hygienic-sanitary PROTOCOLES established by the Ministry of Health, with the objective of guaranteeing the health of all! THE DIRECTION

Flamenco is Kelipé

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Richard Quest | 08/2021

“…The Next Level of Flamenco!!”

Chris Haslam | 10/2018

“…Will Leave You Emotionally Shattered!!

Matías Stuber | 06/2021

“…Immersion into a World of Passion and Enchantment!!”

KELIPÉ flamenco
arts center

The mark that define our Centre is the technique of improvisation. Complicated and always risky, but natural and spontaneous.

In the summer of 2002, the Legend of KELIPÉ is born, when, in the most “pure” and “authentic” neighbourhood of Málaga “La Cruz Verde”, open its doors to what was determined to be the first Centre of Flamenco Arts. Soon, the interest of the public woke up, at first as an academy (Dance, Guitar, Percussion), and later, a place of what would be a living legend, a new age for FLAMENCO in Málaga. Susana “La Yedra” (Dancer/Singer) started this adventure, creating a place of meeting for demanding fans of this Arts. The success of KELIPÉ was, to a large degree, consequence of fidelity and conviction for transmitting FLAMENCO from its essence, the simplicity, naturality, authenticity, … a heritage of, “The Time”. Through KELIPÉ big artists have passed, leaving a gran legacy and a footprint in the life of this Symbol of Flamenco, a legendary universe in Málaga,

KELIPÉ, The Arts of Living Flamenco.

After 16 years of history, experiences, and anecdotes, KELIPÉ, “imposes” , as one of the corners of “duende”, most famous and mythical thanks to its historic heritage, invaluable. KELIPÉ, is the sign of Flamenco in this city, making the difference.

Our way of understanding flamenco

…for us, FLAMENCO, is a way of life and a form of living, our roots, and “The History of our Culture”.

"La Yedra" - flamenco en Málaga
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La Yedra
Dancer in Kelipé

Flamenco is the essence of my being, I was born and grew up between “flamencos”.

"Azukita" Zuker a la guitarra
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Guitarist in Kelipé

Flamenco is a culture which I am identified with, as a sefardic I have my roots here.

Cantaor flamenco en Málaga
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El Taranto
Singer in Kelipé

Flamenco is the folklore that I always lived, it is what I feel and carry inside me.

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Ratings on TripAdvisor

Fantastic Night
Sunday Times did a weekend in Malaga after we had booked a weekend in Malaga. This Flamenco was recommended. We would probably not have heard about it without the article. The Flamenco was outstanding. Small venue but we had good seats for stage. 4 people- fantastic guitarist. Superb dancer and 2 great singers. Booked online for €50 inc 2 drinks each for wife and I. Red wine and Sangria. The passion in the music and dance was palpable. Overall a brilliant night.
Incredible performance: An absolute must-see!
We visited Kelipe last saturday and were absolutely blown away by the quality and enthousiasm! No big fuzz or fancy venue, but real Flamenco, from the heart of the performers straight into our own hearts. A big ‘thank you’ to all of the Kelipé family: we had a night to remember and were moved to tears. The only negative remark is that when we will visit other Flamenco performances in the future we will probably be disappointed: you’ve set quite a standard.
Wonderful typical flamenco show
With my wife we went during the week end to see this typical flamenco show. We have really appreciated the atmosphere in this small theatre (around 40 pax). The show is composed by a guitarist, singer, female flamenco dancer & percussionist. All of them are really good. Show is value for money. Will come back in August with the kids...
Wonderful flamenco show!
I felt like it's the kind of original flamenco that the gypsy women were dance by the side of the carriage, while the men were singing and chanting… Such a remarkable experience, She dances so powerful so passionate! The tap dance is simply amazing!
I was looking for flamenco that is not a tourist style and this place was recommend to me. Fantastic show. Great people with talent. Must see if you are looking for bohemian place with a drink and enjoy flamenco of Andalusia. All in great atmosphere. You will definitely enjoy.

The School

Essentially, we transmit to our students by a practical mode and getting close to the culture and history that defines the gipsy people, through theoretic and practical workshops explaining how in our ethnicity we pass flamenco from father to son, and how the flamenco was never able to separate from the gipsies nor the gipsies from flamenco.

The Compas (rhythm), is fundamental in the moment of executing with precision: dance, singing, guitar and their corresponded techniques. In our classes and Work Shops (national or international), we emphasis the necessity and knowledge of this vital tool in order to translating it into “pellizco, duende and peso”.

From there we go on to the fundamental TECHNIQUE in dance (body, feet, hands) and the intention in the movement of each and every one of them, or the feeling that each expresses, in order to later bring it to practice.

The Choreography brings “staging” in it, which is evaluated and developed in the workshops. When the workshops are of guitar or percussion, the same method is modified and applied.

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The essence of flamenco

We like to share our knowledge.

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Flamenco Shows

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Doors open: 19:30h. Show starts: 20:00h to 21:30h.


Adult: 35€
13 to 18 years old: 25€
4 to 12 years old: 15€
Until 3 years old: Free*

Ticket Prices at the door (All prices including taxes). Drink: Wine (Rose, Dulce, white or red), Sangria Soda, water or beer. *Drink not included.

Book your Ticket

Flamenco Shows

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Doors open: 19:30h. Show starts: 20:00h to 21:30h.


From 18 and on: 30€* show + 1 drink***


4 to 12 years old: 15€ || 4 to 12 years old: 25€*

* Ticket Prices at the door (All prices including taxes)* ** Drink: Wine (Rose, Dulce, white or red), Sangria Soda, water or beer.

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