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Welcome to the flamenco world of KELIPÉ where passion and art merge to bring life to a unique experience. Discover our courses where you will learn the secrets of flamenco dance and the magical chords of the guitar. From the most energetic rhythms to the most melancholic melodies, in Kelipé you will find the inspiration and technique necessary to express your flamenco soul. Join us and let flamenco transport you to a universe of emotions and beauty.

Workshops - Grupos

Get into the essence in company

flamenco courses malaga
Since 2001, KELIPÉ has offered flamenco workshops in Malaga to a wide variety of groups: schools (national and international), universities, companies, families, friend groups, academies, etc… In our group workshops, we try to transmit to our visitors the essence of flamenco, and, perhaps open that mysterious door, unknown to many, to a world so big, rich, and full of magic. We create a connection from our professionalism, through close and personal treatment. In a period of one or two hours, we introduce flamenco to the student & the listener, in a didactic and interactive way. From teaching about the origin of flamenco in Spain, through the special gypsy influence in the rhythmic styles, presentation of the main flamenco components, and active participation in dance.

Cursos de baile flamenco

Explore passion in motion

kelipé flamenco malaga

The flamenco dance courses in Malaga, which we offer from our school center, are aimed at dancers of all levels, and also for dancers from other disciplines, who want to know the unique flamenco way of feeling the rhythm, and learn the characteristic movements of our art in “dance”.

The private dance courses are taught by Maestra Susana Manzano, Director – Founder of KELIPÉ, an active dancer, with great experience and deep knowledge of the gypsy flamenco art, with worldwide experience as a dancer and teacher. * Always accompanied by a guitarist/singer.

The main approaches of the class are transmitted from a gypsy perspective. “Flamenco” – not only as an artistic discipline, but also, a cultural heritage and the identity of the Andalusian gypsy people. In classes the reason and “why” of each gesture is taught, so that the student is not left with a mere choreography. They include:

  • knowledge and difference between flamenco “palos”
  • rhythm and compas
  • body placement and technique
  • foot technique
  • choreography
  • “dancing to singing”
  • party dance VS stage dance
  • naturality and “weight”

Curso de guitarra flamenca

Feel the soul of flamenco vibrate

Kelipé Málaga
The flamenco guitar courses in Malaga, which we offer from our school center, are aimed at flamenco guitarists of all levels, but also at guitarists of other genres such as classical or jazz, who would like to expand their knowledge, and open their ears to the unique nuances that the flamenco guitar offers. In the course, the main focus will depend on the student’s need, however, it covers a large list of thematic possibilities:
  • introduction of the instrument and the different “palos”
  • execution and perfection of the characteristic techniques of the flamenco “right hand”
  • deep focus on the rhythm
  • flamenco sound and nuances
  •  Singing & Dance accompaniment
  • harmony, tradition & evolution
  • composition
  • repertoire of the solo guitarist
The classes are taught by Maestro “Azukita”, official guitarist of the KELIPÉ artistic cast, composer, and with great experience in the world of music. Teaching in the traditional method of the student facing the teacher. Classes are private, they can be over a long period of time, or a single intensive Master-Class of 1 to 5 days.

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