Silent child

“Sound of Silence”


Silence … the necessary ingredient for the “magic” of the theatre to honour us with its presence …
The time stops…
It takes you into a tangled forest, of poetry, reality, fiction … where we are invited to be the protagonists …

“The soul of the Theatre lives in its silences..”

… Cutlery, whispers, laughter, comments …
Incomprehensible distractions that do not allow crossing the threshold of the moment, and that will not be repeated.

“EL FLAMENCO” an Art, the story of a “people”, a culture, an unknown origin, … loved, by everyone who comes close … and that needs to be lived, in its five senses, in “THE SOUND OF SILENCE”. It is not a mere entertainment, it offends, even imagining it… “It is impossible for me, even thinking, about the surreal possibility, of taking a “sandwich” to the Theatre, while the orchestra performs a piece by J.S.Bach” (A. Zuker)


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