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“KELIPE” Teatro & Centro De Arte Flamenco y Cultura Gitana”


The Blog “Club of Friends KELIPE” is born as an initiative of a group of friends, followers, and aficionados of this “Flamenco Art”, and that wanted to support our passion in a direct form, for the genuine for of understanding and transmitting FLAMENCO, for that we have created the Blog “Club of Friends KELIPE”, receiving the support of all our friends, all around the world.

We defend important values, such as authenticity and cultural legacy, of Flamenco Art, the hallmark of our “KELIPE Flamenco Art Center”. (Declared by UNESCO, Intangible Heritage of Humanity / November 2010).

Your support, and that of all our followers, and friends, is essential to achieve that goal with which we started in 2002, for its continuity and preservation, the authentic Flamenco, which from KELIPE, we defend, moving away from political and institutional manipulations, because KELIPÉ Centro de Arte Flamenco, has never received funding, or other types of subsidies, in order to not be subjected to any type of foreign interest, other than defense, transmission, and dissemination, and, in an authentic and honest way , we can preserve our Culture.

(Susana A. Manzano /Direction)

“The spirit, like ineptitude in addition, is caught like a disease, by contagion … So that people be careful of the company, which they frequent ”.

(Quote from Shakespeare in “Henry IV”, a play he wrote in 1606 while London theaters were closed because of the plague)

Flamenco under “Pandemic”

… one more Friday, everything is ready!

“AZUKITA”, in a soldier like attitude, raises the worn and creaking entrance metallic door, turns on the lights, activates our SOUNDTRACK par excellence, black tears by “EL CIGALA” …

Gabriela, my daughter, and I, wear out the doorknobs with bleach, the dispensers of (hydroalcohol, or, as the thousand ways to call it, be it …), the chairs, … tables, floor, … one and the other time, day after day, ..

  • I am going up to change! (Azukita)
  • ok, I’ll make you a coffee (Gabriela)
  • another for me, “sumama” (me)

The stage, the lights, the self-service table, the unmistakable aroma of pipe, vanilla and red fruits, of our air freshener, make this unique, intimate, welcoming place, irresistible to all …

Difficult moments also for EL FLAMENCO ..
our lives, our culture, roots, origin, … ancestral voices, gypsy complaints, passion, laughter, emotion, and feelings on the surface. … The Art of transmitting, feeling, LIVING !!

But, during these uncertain times, you have accompanied us, encouraged us with your presence, applause, affection, incredible words, we do not see your faces, but we feel your emotions… Thank you for helping us continue existing!

Many of our chairs, with red cushions, some stained by so much bleach spilled to keep them perfectly … they are empty, but you fill the place with that energy, which makes us want to continue, refusing to give up …

Antonio arrives, we turn off the lights, the voice of the CIGALA, is silenced gently, we go up on stage, the show begins, the magic appears…. !!!

“…I intend to live forever, ..or, die trying”
(Groucho Marx)


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